Gabriela Moncada

Lunes 25 / Cocktail

Gaby is how she likes to be called and Agave Ambassador for UK´s Speciality Brands is her title. Coming from the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, the title couldn´t be more suitable. A proud and fond Mexican, Gaby strives to share her knowledge and passion for agave spirits and her home country´s culture and rich history.

Changing the perception and spreading understanding of this fast growing category is what she is dedicated to. From the UK to all over Europe, Gaby meets bartenders, hospitality and drinks industry professionals as well as consumers to guide them through the discovery of agave spirits with trainings, seminars and tastings.

After more than 15 years working across cocktail bars in London and as a Brand Ambassador for José Cuervo, before extending her title to the entire agave category at Speciality Brands, Gaby is recognised as a true agave expert on an international scale. «Being a native of Jalisco, this came naturally», she says, «but my knowledge extends far beyond tequilas of my home state, from the smoky stone pits of some mezcals in Oaxaca to other states producing mezcals and further agave distillates, to the rustic Philippine stills used by the Maestros Taberneros to Raicillas in Jalisco».

Blending her Mexican heritage, passion for history and humanities, and knowledge of the agave category and bar industry, Gaby likes to say that «drinking agave spirits is like drinking liquid Mexico». When not travelling around the world to spread the agave love, you can find Gaby cooking recipes learnt on her latest trip or having a tequila with friends.

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