Ivan Brehm

Lunes 25 / Palabra
Martes 26 / Pop-up restaurant

Ivan Brehm is the chef/owner of Restaurant Nouri. He has worked at some of the best restaurants in the world including Per Se in New York, Mugaritz in the Basque Country, and The Fat Duck in Bray. With a mixed heritage of Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Lebanese, Syrian and Brazilian, Ivan has developed a cuisine as eclectic as his own lineage.

Nouri is a one-Michelin star restaurant in Singapore led by Ivan Brehm. Our chefs study ingredients, techniques, and flavours to identify moments of connection between global food traditions. We call this crossroads cooking. This year, Nouri was listed as one of Asia´s 50 best restaurants.

Appetite is a multi-disciplinary research collective that runs in parallel to Restaurant Nouri. It investigates material culture with an initial focus on food. Its team and advisory board includes chefs, anthropologists, historians, architects, artists, and designers.